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Save the Seminary:
Your Gift Will Help Spread the Gospel

You can make a real, lasting difference in the lives of people in Russia.

The Lutheran Theological Seminary in Novosibirsk, Siberia, needs your help. Building a great seminary is challenging. Keeping it operating can be just as difficult.

Your gift to the Save the Seminary Campaign will help provide seminary-trained Lutheran pastors as Christ’s envoys to a people long-starved of the Good News of everlasting salvation.

Training pastors to pastor God’s people

With assistance from the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, the Novosibirsk Seminary was founded in 1996 by the Siberian Evangelical Lutheran Church. Since then, many recognize the seminary as a leading Lutheran pastoral training school in Russia.

Excellence aside, keeping the seminary open has become financially difficult. Besides normal operating expenses, Russian law requires that the seminary pay educational and living expenses while students pursue their studies. If the seminary closes, it is unlikely to reopen because of the financial burden.

Your gift matters – today and for many years to come.

Please consider supporting the Save the Seminary Campaign with a one-time gift, five-year pledge, or with a bequest in your estate plan. Please use the form above to make your donation or download the donor card [link forthcoming] and use it to record your gift to the campaign and send it to the Save the Seminary Campaign office.

Your gift does more than support the Novosibirsk Seminary. Your gift also will touch the lives of people wherever pastors graduating from the seminary are called to minister. Your gift will endure for years to come.

Please make your pledge today and help restore Christianity and the Lutheran Church in Russia.

Your gift matters.


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Campaign Progress

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How to Help

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Campaign Funds Managed by Two U.S. Lutheran Foundations

Funds contributed to the Save the Seminary Campaign are managed in the United States by:

All contributions go to the endowment, none to cover campaign expenses. A Lutheran Legacy Foundation grant covers administrative costs of the Save the Seminary Campaign.

About the Novosibirsk Seminary and the Save the Seminary Campaign

The impact of your gift goes well beyond the Lutheran Seminary in Novosibirsk. Its full potential is realized as confessionally trained Lutheran pastors carry the Word and Sacrament to the Russian people. As the Bible says in First Peter, “The Word of the Lord endures forever.” Your gift will have present and eternal value.

You can read more about the Novosibirsk Seminary and the Save the Seminary Campaign in our brochure – Answered Prayer. Download a copy and learn how the Novosibirsk Seminary is helping spread God’s Word throughout Russia. If you want multiple copies of Answered Prayer for others in your congregation, please contact the Save the Seminary Campaign office.

Save the Seminary Campaign
The Siberian Lutheran Mission Society
8811 St. Joe Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46835

Phone: 260-209-1647

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